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Hi-Dow Tens Units

Hi-dow tens units is the perfect word to use to describe the perfect solution for your ecommerce needs. Our products are perfect for those who have a physical therapist, medical assistant, or fda-clearized version of the hi-dow. Our products are the perfect blend of quality and price. Our products are the perfect way to bring your business up to speed with current trends in the physical therapy and medical assistant industries.

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Hi-dow tens units is a physical therapy tens unit that is designed to help with the physical pain caused by carpal tunnel. The tens unit offers a 12 plus model that includes an a2 glove and a 10 unit set up. This unit can help with the pain caused by hand problems including pain in the fingertips, numbness or tingling in the hands, and problems with arthritis.
the hi-dow tens units are perfect for physical therapy treatments. They are micro-fiber-style units with a physical therapy feel. They are perfect for people with arthritis, tension headaches, or other physical therapy treatments. The units come with plus xl pads, which help protect the skin and provide comfort.
hi-dow tens units are a great product for your tens unit compatible products. Our compatible pads help keep your product looking perfect and keeping your tens units looking modern.